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How to Live in Harmony with Technologies? 6 Scientific Tips

Almost all modern technologies were created to make the world a better place. The invention of the car allowed freedom of movement, and the advent of the Internet has greatly simplified many tasks and procedures.

For example, you travel around the USA and you need a beautiful and powerful car in Chicago. No problems! At the airport of Ohare Dodge will be waiting for you – just a few clicks will be enough to organize it.

All this suggests that technology has made possible many things that were previously considered to be impossible. Of course, their development is associated with some negative factors. As a result, for modern man, social networks have become a source of depression, a mobile phone has turned into a digital collar, and the Internet as a whole can be called the major time killer.

However, the technology itself is not to blame – the reason is the inept handling of them. In order to rectify the situation, scientists at the University of London gave some scientifically sound advice on how to improve life with technology, or what to do so that they do not spoil it…

Separation of work and home

For the modern user, e-mail, phone and instant messengers have become threads that combine work and leisure. Even leaving the office, a person stays in touch and often continues to receive notifications of work events.

Scientists argue that it’s important for psychological health to separate work and home. In order to do this, they recommend using different communication channels. E-mail address for business needs should be different from personal one. If any messenger is used in the work, then at the end of the working day it should be turned off, and another application to communicate with friends and relatives needs to be launched. Phone numbers are also recommended for different use. It’s important that in the evenings you are not disturbed by calls, messages and notifications from work.

Scientists from the University of London conducted a study and found that people who followed these guidelines for two months had significantly reduced levels of stress and fatigue.

Mail Checking Frequency

Studies show that checking e-mail is a strong distraction. It doesn’t increase the efficiency of the employee, but, on the contrary, distracts attention and reduces productivity. Therefore, scientists recommend checking the mail not as it arrives in the box, but a couple of times a day, at any scheduled time.

According to Anna Cox, a professor of human-computer interaction, users who reduced the number of mail checks from eight to three times a day became more focused and productive.

Fewer distractions

As it was already mentioned, the Internet has become the main killer of the time. You dive into the network for some important information, and after an hour you find yourself on a site with funny pictures. It’s damn difficult to struggle with this, especially if your hands automatically enter the address of the social network in the browser. However, it’s quite possible to change yourself.

In case you can’t remove the problem by yourself, you can use special software designed to block everything unnecessary. Such programs will help in effective time management.

If desired, you will find plugins for your browser that won’t let you enter social networks and entertainment resources. By the way, the specialists of the University of London themselves are now working on such a software solution and promise to present it to the public as soon as possible.

Time behind the screen

Many people worry that they spend too much time behind the screen. Professor Cox argues that this is not a problem. The important thing is not how much time you spend in front of the monitor, but in which way you spend this time.

This brings us back to the topic of distractions. If you sit at a computer – spend time with benefit, and don’t forget to block information garbage.

Computer games

Studies show that video games not only don’t harm, but, on the contrary, positively affect the user’s morale. They help a person get rid of stress.

Often this is perhaps the best way to avoid work problems, and relax. So the games, definitely, should be used for rest. However, don’t waste too much time for such an activity.

Communication with the gamer

Alas, sometimes video games can cause family disputes. The reason is commonplace – a keen player ignores appeals, thereby infuriating others.

Scientists have investigated this phenomenon more closely. They found out that during an intense game the average gamer is so concentrated that he really doesn’t hear the words addressed to him. As a result, the lack of an answer in this case is not a sign of disrespect.

But how then to communicate with enthusiastic players? Just call them by name. Scientists tried a lot of options and found out an interesting fact – the only word that could pull a gamer out of the game is his name.

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